Enabling the future of vascular care through innovations in Intelligent Imaging and AR1.

Who we are


Salil Joshi, M.D.

Prashant Chopra

Linda Chan

Chief Clinical Adviser

Founder & CEO

Head of Product


Vikram Simha

Geoffrey D. Rubin, M.D.

Matthew Lungren, M.D.

Adviser - Business Strategy

Adviser - Cardiovascular Imaging

Adviser - Intelligent Imaging

Why do we care?

Vascular Disease

Affects 20M+ in US alone
1.0M+: interventions/year
Upto 20% need a revision
$390B: cost burden / year

We found the status quo unacceptable...

...and are working obsessively to change it through innovations in Intelligent Imaging and AR1. As a first step, we're focussed on enabling pin-point immersive tracking2 of your favorite 3rd party tools3 for safer (contrast & radiation free), faster (less steps), and more effective (better informed and confident physicians) endovascular care

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